Agora International School Madrid welcomes the new school year

The Head of School, Ms Isabel Palacios, welcomes the school community at the start of the new academic year, highlighting the quality of teaching and learning and providing an update on the progress of the Gavea Project.


September has arrived, and with it, the return to school! Another year on, Agora International School Madrid opens its doors to welcome the whole educational community. The 2016/2017 academic year is a stage of many changes and challenges which headmistress Isabel Palacios will reveal below.

Taking stock of the 2015/2016 academic year, Isabel Palacios confirms that it was a year marked by success, in which the planned objectives were met:

“Managing to fulfil all the pupils’ needs through different strategies with the Guidance Department both enriching the curriculum and adapting it; 100% pass rate in external English exams (Trinity and Cambridge) and 100% pass rate in the Selectividad university entrance exams; excellent results in the PISA Tests in 4th ESO and in the Autonomous Community of Madrid Tests for 3rd and 6th Primary; this was the first academic year during which we worked with the Gavea project (the use of tablets in the classroom), with some very positive results both in pupils’ learning and in their motivation.”

Furthermore, among the most important events and milestones of the last academic year the headmistress of Agora International School Madrid, Isabel Palacios, highlights:

We hosted the first Science and Mathematics Olympiads, for three days we welcomed more than 80 2nd and 3rd ESO pupils from all the NACE Schools, creating an atmosphere of collaboration, motivation and self-improvement.”

We had a very successful year, that’s why the standard for the 2016/2017 academic year is to go above and beyond this again. The school headmistress reveals the objectives to be followed in this new school year:

“The first, is the pupils’ progress. Each and every one of them. We will carry out a strict evaluation process in order to act appropriately in each individual case. The second is the quality of teaching, for this we are providing continuous training and support for teachers in order to reach the standards we have set ourselves.”

Furthermore, the new academic year is full of changes which will enable further progress along the path of educational excellence, among which Isabel Palacios highlights:

  • “We continue advancing in the Gavea Project, so we will work in 5th and 6th Primary and 1st ESO with the use of tablets in the classroom.
  • We are reinforcing the Computer Science Project, which goes from 1st Primary to 4th
  • We have exchanges and experiences abroad for all our pupils from 5th Primary to 4th ESO: 5th and 6th Primary and 1st ESO have a cultural trip to Wales, 2nd and 3rd ESO will have an exchange with the school in England (Stonar), and 4th ESO will have an exchange with Paris and Frankfurt, depending on the option chosen as a second language (French or German).
  • Work from a young age focused on the arts and the development of multiple intelligences.
  • Improvement of facilities, from among which we highlight a special common room for the older pupils (from 3rd ESO onwards) where they will be able to study in an environment which is pleasant, caring and controlled but also independent and comfortable for them.”

Finally, after assessing the challenges overcome in the last academic year, as well as the changes and goals for the new school year, Isabel Palacios, headmistress of Agora International School Madrid, personally welcomes the entire educational community with the following words:

“I hope that you have had chance to rest in order to begin refreshed and with energy. It’s going to be an intense year, full of emotions and things to learn. We have set ourselves a wealth of challenges, impossible to complete without the help and commitment of our families. I welcome you, teachers and pupils and parents, to the new academic year, and I thank you, again, for the confidence you place in us in leaving your children in our hands.”

Isabel Palacios

Headmistress of Agora International School Madrid


07 / 09 / 16