Students from Agora International School Madrid tell us about their experiences at Stonar School in the U.K.

Agora International School Madrid students Alba and Silvia, who are following the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), tell us about their experiences at the Head Pupil Leadership Event, held this month at Stonar school in the United Kingdom. Stonar and Agora International School Madrid both belong to the NACE international schools’ group, and this is one of the many events organised by the group designed to bring together students of many different nationalities and cultures to share knowledge and ideas, strengthen cultural ties and form friendships. The Head Pupil Event Leadership focuses on building leadership and public speaking skills via a series of presentations, workshops and team-building activities.

In a video interview conducted at the school in English, Alba and Silvia describe their personal experiences and highlight that, as well as focussing on leadership skills, the event provided an opportunity for them to meet and spend time with students from other countries and cultures, who were representing many of the 50 schools belonging to the NACE group. The students explain that the experience proved to be exciting and enriching, stimulating their international outlook and encouraging them to want to visit countries such as Canada and India, and that they were grateful for the opportunity to act as mature and responsible representatives for their school.


24 / 10 / 19