Infant's classroom turned into interactive, creative and estimulating spaces to boost the students' brains development.

Teaching and learning methods which focus on the individuality of our students are seeing an exciting renewal at Agora International School Madrid.  Following children’s interests, curiosities and development, is an essential starting point in any meaningful education process. We have just come out of one of the most complex school years in many years of teaching and as always, we have learned a lot about our children. We have been surprised by their ability to adapt, their resilience in the face of managing education technology and their eagerness for active learning. That is why, after these months of distance learning, we have decided to give our children’s classrooms an overhaul to stimulate their imaginations, creativity and, in line with recent research in neuroscience, to enhance the different moments of brain development of each child.

Starting from the basis of neurodevelopment, an active process that occurs through the exchange of experiences with the environment and that generates the development of the nervous system and its brain functions, we have created spaces that encourage learning through motivation and experiences. Placing an emphases on vertical planning from our Early Years classes to the end of the Infant Education, we are seeking to exploit these moments where the greatest cognitive, motor and sensory stimulation happens, while giving our children the scope to develop their own sense creativity, imagination and emotional intelligence. These learning spaces inspire playful learning in secure environments where relationships are built on trust, cooperation and respect.

We have researched many methodologies which are popular today in Infant Education such as Walford, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, as well as traditional methods, integrating some of the principles and practices behind these methods to what we now believe to be an exceptional Infant Educational project at our school.

The first step of this project has been the creation of a welcoming and striking environment for children, which takes their interests and previous experiences into account as well as the development of their personalities. The atmosphere in the children’s classroom is based on pure fantasy, a space where children can immerse themselves in experimentation and sensory stimulation. For the three-year-old group, the chosen setting is Animals; a jungle where animals and nature work together in cooperation, giving us plenty of scope to work on developing a sense of values with the children. The World and Cultural Understanding is the environment in which our four year olds grow, focusing on pillars of integration and respect.  In order to prepare for the next stage of Primary school, the five year old students learn and explore in spaces inspired by The City, putting into practice all that they have learned to date and building on this with teamwork dynamics and social skills.

06 / 11 / 20