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Neuroscience in the classroom


Teaching and learning methods which focus on the individuality of our students are seeing an exciting renewal at Agora International School Madrid.  Following children’s interests, curiosities and development, is an essential starting point in any meaningful education process. We have just come out of one of the most complex school years in many years of […]

Performing Arts IB

Academic News

Numerous media on television, radio and press have interviewed the dancer, actor and singer Víctor Ullate Roche and the actress and singer Nuria Sánchez, responsible for the International Artistic Baccalaureate project oriented to the Performing Arts that Agora International School Madrid launches for the following year. Both emphasize that the selection of students will be […]

SAT Examination Centre


Agora International School Madrid has obtained the official authorisation to be an examination centre for the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), key for university admission in the United States. In this way, the School obtains exclusivity as an examination centre for Agora Madrid students and students from other schools, showing evidence of its global preparation and […]

Head Pupil Leadership Event

Academic Events

Agora International School Madrid students Alba and Silvia, who are following the International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme (DP), tell us about their experiences at the Head Pupil Leadership Event, held this month at Stonar school in the United Kingdom. Stonar and Agora International School Madrid both belong to the NACE international schools’ group, and this […]

PISA Tests 2018

Academic News

Agora International School Madrid has achieved excellent results in the PISA Tests (The Programme for International Student Assessment). The School has obtained a score well above the Spanish average, beating even Singapore, the leading country in the last PISA Report. Until May 31st, Spanish schools are carrying out the official tests to update the next […]

Music education

Academic Music

Music is a universal language which all human beings possess and understand without needing to study it. We use it to express ourselves and communicate, and it can cause us to feel a range of emotions and feelings. At NACE Schools (Agora International Schools, St George’s and Areteia in Spain, EIB Paris in France, and Stonar in the United Kingdom), […]

PISA tests 2017

Academic News

Agora International School Madrid achieved results that significantly exceeded the average results for Spanish schools and those of Japan, the highest country in the world ranking. The school’s results in Reading and Mathematics were outstanding.   Ágora International School Madrid achieved fantastic results in the Program for the International Assessment of Students (PISA) tests, far […]

Theatre and dance school

Academic Art

Just like other schools in the NACE Schools group, Agora International School Madrid offers its pupils an education which goes beyond traditional teaching, with innovative activities and experiences which help them to achieve their dreams. One great example of this is the Agora International Víctor Ullate Roche Villaviciosa de Odón Performing Arts School, a theatre […]

Study on holidays


The summer arrives, schedules change and as a result, studying during the holidays can be difficult. Experts estimate that our mathematics level decreases by an average of 2.6 months and our reading ability by 2 months. To avoid this, it is important that children rest and disconnect but at the same time, remain mentally active. […]

PISA tests 2016

Academic News

Students at Agora Madrid achieved outstanding results in this year’s PISA tests. These tests provide an international academic performance indicator by comparing results from schools located throughout more than 70 countries worldwide. This year our students performed significantly higher than the Spanish average and higher than the average results for all other OECD countries

First Academic Olympics

Academic Events

Agora International School Madrid was host to the very first Academic Olympics: science and maths Olympics which took place from the 2nd to the 5th of February, with the participation of NACE Schools from Spain, the UK and France. This was an experience which encouraged both the international and collaborative spirit and the educational excellence […]

Flipped Classroom


What is the Flipped Classroom? Many of you will be wondering just what the “Flipped Classroom”, also known as the “inverted or backwards classroom”, is. It’s a pedagogical model which reverses the traditional classroom. In this technique, pupils learn online at home using material provided by their teacher, and then consolidate these concepts in the […]

International Baccalaureate


In a global education, it is vital to have a qualification which incorporates and transmits values on an international level. With the International Baccalaureate (IB), this is definitely the case. The majority of our schools, known as IB World Schools, are authorised to teach this qualification. In this way, we promote the international education that […]

The Responsible Education programme

Academic Values

On 25 July the Botín Foundation published the list of schools in the Community of Madrid that have been selected to participate in the Responsible Education programme, which is open to schools located in the Madrid region. Responsible Education is an educational programme that involves a commitment to the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development […]

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