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Performing Arts IB

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Numerous media on television, radio and press have interviewed the dancer, actor and singer Víctor Ullate Roche and the actress and singer Nuria Sánchez, responsible for the International Artistic Baccalaureate project oriented to the Performing Arts that Agora International School Madrid launches for the following year. Both emphasize that the selection of students will be […]

Creative and Expressive Education

Art News

Solo Boadilla magazine has published an article on the educational revolution that has been embraced by Agora Madrid International School, alongside an innovative group of top international schools worldwide. The school is committed to positioning creative and expressive arts at the heart of our curriculum, offering our students a broad range of opportunities to explore […]

Eco-Schools Programme

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Agora International School Madrid has recently joined the Eco-Schools programme, a global project developed by the Asociación de Educación Ambiental (the Association for Environmental Education or ADEAC) and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), designed to promote sustainability in education.  The programme rewards Nursery, Primary and Secondary schools that have focused on developing a clearly […]

PISA Tests 2018

Academic News

Agora International School Madrid has achieved excellent results in the PISA Tests (The Programme for International Student Assessment). The School has obtained a score well above the Spanish average, beating even Singapore, the leading country in the last PISA Report. Until May 31st, Spanish schools are carrying out the official tests to update the next […]

PISA tests 2017

Academic News

Agora International School Madrid achieved results that significantly exceeded the average results for Spanish schools and those of Japan, the highest country in the world ranking. The school’s results in Reading and Mathematics were outstanding.   Ágora International School Madrid achieved fantastic results in the Program for the International Assessment of Students (PISA) tests, far […]

PISA tests 2016

Academic News

Students at Agora Madrid achieved outstanding results in this year’s PISA tests. These tests provide an international academic performance indicator by comparing results from schools located throughout more than 70 countries worldwide. This year our students performed significantly higher than the Spanish average and higher than the average results for all other OECD countries

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