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Our new Sensory Room!

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The first years of life are of utmost importance in the physical and psychological development of human beings. Children who enter education today will graduate as adults in 2030.  We must prepare them for jobs that have not yet been created, for systems that have not yet been invented, for solving problems that have not […]

The importance of learning languages

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In today’s increasingly globalised world, young people who have a confident grasp of the English language often enjoy greater academic success, can access a broader range of job opportunities, find global travel easier and can connect more readily with the global community. English, as a language and as a communication tool, forms a significant part […]

The value of sport

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Sport is one of the most effective ways that exist to transmit healthy values and habits. For this reason, in the long run, sport also serves to improve people’s lives and contribute to the advancement and cohesion of societies. For this reason, the United Nations Organization considers physical activity and sport as human rights that […]

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