Our Teachers

The quality and experience of the teaching staff at Globeducate is a fundamental element of the group’s success. Regardless of geographical location, all our teachers share the defining core principles central to the Globeducate Group’s educational philosophy.

Our teachers are central to the success of our schools’ plurilingual policy and to our focus on preparing our students for an international future.  On a daily basis our teaching staff reinforce the importance of linguistic immersion, knowledge and understanding of other cultures and involvement in international learning experiences and multicultural events.

Teachers at Agora Madrid International School instruct, guide and support students to help them to make the most of their strengths, work on any areas of weakness and focus on achieving their maximum academic and personal potential. Teaching staff work in close collaboration with the Educational Psychology Department to ensure that the individual needs of each student are appropriately met. Individual support programmes are developed for each student in conjunction with parents and families in order to create a structured and positive learning experience for every student at each stage of their educational journey.

Improvement strategies - Globeducate Platinum Standard

In order to ensure Educational Excellence and to monitor and improve the quality of teaching and learning at Globeducate Schools, a quality control process known as the Globeducate Platinum Standard has been introduced. The Globeducate Platinum Standard helps schools to assess the quality of the education that they offer in line with best practice from education systems from around the world. The programme establishes a comprehensive evaluation process based upon a set of quality indicators that provide improvement plans for clearly defined areas such as the quality of education, the effectiveness of leadership or the progress and welfare of the students.

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