Educational innovation

As with all the schools belonging to the Globeducate Group, Agora Madrid International School is characterised by educational innovation. This means that the new activities that we incorporate into the learning process complement and improve the traditional curriculum. This constant forward movement enables us to continue to improve our results and find the best ways of ensuring the academic and personal success of our students.

Our educational programme goes beyond a traditional school curriculum. We believe that activities such as sports, music and creative arts, should form a fundamental and integral part of the main school curriculum and should not be considered as extra or add-on subjects. These subjects enable students to develop multiple intelligences, enhance their skills, extend their range of interests and are key to the formation of well-educated, well-rounded individuals.

At Agora MadridInternational School, we work to create an international and multilingual environment that forms a central part of our students daily educational experience. From their very first day at AISM, our students are exposed to a culturally diverse environment, with full immersion in the English language and are supported by warm, caring, native and bilingual teachers. Our primary teaching and learning language is English, but Spanish, French, German and Chinese are also introduced at various stages of the curriculum.

In today’s world we are surrounded by new and constantly evolving technology and we believe that it is our duty as educators respond to this enormous challenge. ICT (Information and Communication Technology) forms an integral part of the teaching and learning process and is used as a tool to facilitate learning in many different areas of the curriculum. In Year 5 of Primary School, students use tablets as an additional aid to learning and we begin the process of showing them how to use technology responsibly and efficiently as part of their ongoing education.

At Agora Madrid International School, Educational Excellence, a multilingual environment, the use of ICT in the classroom, an integrated co-curricular programme and personalised attention to the needs of each of our students ensures that we continue to provide an innovative and constantly evolving educational programme.

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