We prepare our students for an international future without limits or barriers. Our curriculum is multilingual, focussing on achieving complete fluency in English and Spanish, and also offering Chinese, French and German at various stages of the curriculum. As the school is a registered examinations centre, students are offered the opportunity to prepare for a range of official language qualifications including Trinity College London and University of Cambridge English Language papers, exams set by the Confucius Institute (Mandarin Chinese) and we work in close partnership with the Alliance Française (French) and the Goethe Institut (German).

To complement our school-based language programme, students can enjoy a range of overseas exchanges and cultural visits to various destinations worldwide, including the UK, France and Germany. From Year 5 onwards, pupils can choose to spend one or two terms, or an entire academic year studying at Stonar School, a highly-respected English boarding school belonging to the Globeducate group, with over 120 years’ experience in providing top-quality international education.

Additionally, every year the Globeducate group organises a series of sporting, academic and cultural events for the schools belonging to their extensive international network. These events are designed to bring Globeducate’s international community together to share their intellectual, sporting and artistic talents, improve their language skills and build friendships with other students from around the world.


Students at Agora Madrid International School are offered the opportunity to participate in a number of short or long term overseas stays or exchanges with other schools in the Globeducate group. Trips abroad help our students to improve their skill in their chosen languages and to become more culturally aware; each visit is adapted to suit the particular requirements of the age group involved.

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International events

Every year the Globeducate group organises a large number of international activities and events, enabling our pupils to meet and establish friendships with students from other schools around the world. Students get the opportunity to develop their linguistic confidence and fluency whilst participating in a wide range of musical, sporting and educational events and activities.

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