Classrooms and laboratories

All our classrooms and laboratories are bright, modern and spacious and fully compliant with current legislation. They are well-equipped and resourced and provide everything necessary for an innovative 21st century education.


Preschool Classrooms

Classrooms for the smallest members of our school community are specially designed to cater for the specific educational and personal needs of this age group. The working spaces are bright, open and modern and create a calm, warm and friendly environment in which our youngest students can relax, have fun, create and progress.

Specially designed classrooms

The school has 2 computer rooms and 25 computers where students can work to extend their knowledge and understanding of ICT, complementing the work that they do on their tablets in class. The school site and the facilities at AISM have been carefully designed to optimise versatility and practicality and we are continually improving our spaces to ensure that they are fully adapted to suit our students’ needs and requirements. We now have specially designated spaces for Art, a Library, Study Rooms and a large play and recreational area.

The Library

The school library is available for the use of all our students and provides a space that is calm, quiet, peaceful and place where student can come to read, study and research. It is a bright, modern space that encourages quiet reflection and intellectual focus.


Agora Madrid International School has three laboratories: Physics, Biology and Chemistry and we believe that the practical application of scientific theory is a factor that is fundamental to the scientific learning process and key to stimulating enthusiasm and understanding.  Sometimes theoretical explanation can seem abstract or difficult to understand; practical experiments and demonstrations in the lab clarify the theory and bring science to life! Students are encouraged to explore different scientific themes and are taught how to conduct experiments correctly and safely to prove or disprove their theories. Science explores and explains the theory and practice of life and is a fundamental part of a well-rounded, broad and balanced education.

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