Sports facilities

Agora Madrid International School is located in the perfect environment to promote healthy living and participate in a wide range of sporting activities. At Agora Madrid International School living a healthy and active lifestyle and adopting a positive self-image forms an important part of our school culture and we encourage our students to participate fully in physical activity and sports. We have excellent facilities enabling our pupils to engage in a wide range of sports and classes are taught by specialised Physical Education teachers. Onsite facilities include volleyball courts, a 1000 m athletics field and a gymnasium, and swimming and tennis lessons take place at first rate facilities located nearby.


Swimming is fun, sociable and healthy, and it is important for safety reasons that all children know how to swim. It is one of the best forms of exercise for all-round physical development and an excellent competitive activity. Our swimming lessons take place at the Hispa Ocio Leisure Centre and Swimming Pool at Villaviciosa de Odón, a first-rate local sports facility. At Agora Madrid International we take swimming seriously!


Covered sports facility

Our covered sports facility incorporates two mini-tennis courts, two volleyball courts, two mini-basketball courts and a tennis court, all set up with the necessary nets, hoops and protective elements. It can be used as a multi-purpose sports facility and provides protection from rain and strong sun.


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