A letter from the Headmaster

As Headmaster of Agora Madrid International School and on behalf of our partners from Globeducate all over the world, it is my privilege to welcome you to our school.

We invite you to form part of a community which passionately believes in the principles of international education, in the centrality of global mindedness and in how this enables our children to positively shape the world.

As we know, education is in a constant state of challenge and evolution. A stellar group of teachers, who are vocationally committed to our school’s vision, provides us with an invaluable anchor, grounding us to a rich history of excellence in teaching and learning, while at the same time bravely guides best international practice as we confidently look towards the future.

A particular focus on Artistic education underlies our outstanding record in academics. With a unique approach to Music education, our school truly facilitates the development of the whole child, while instilling values such as discipline, dedication and commitment.

The development of an enquiring mind through a comprehensive programme of Sciences and Computational Thinking provide our children with vision as well as linkage to the real world.

As a consequence of this, at Agora International School Madrid we sensibly employ the use of technology. We see our children as owners of technology who must develop the necessary mindset to be able to consciously choose and design technological compliments to their own creative learning, their personal organisation and efficient production.

As part of Globeducate we step forth in unison as part of a global community, strongly aligned with leading best practice from all over the world and as such we afford our children an abundance of opportunities internationally.

We do this hand in hand with our families, as a learning community, which upholds above all else, the uniqueness of every child and their future.

We greatly look forward to strengthening our collaboration over the coming year.


Yours sincerely,

Luis Madrid

Headmaster of Agora Madrid International School

Aviso Legal