International Baccalaureate (IB)

We educate pupils, we shape people

  • Encourages an open and international world view
  • Prepares students to live and work anywhere in the world
  • Promotes the exploration and enrichment of personal and cultural identity
  • Helps students to make reasoned and sound judgments
  • Encourages multilingualism and intercultural understanding
  • Accepted as an entry qualification to the most prestigious universities in the world

Agora Madrid International School is an authorised IB school. The IB is a well-respected international Diploma which is accepted as an access qualification at the most prestigious universities worldwide. This ensures that, not only do our students follow a two-year programme that provides them with a broad and intellectually rigorous qualification, but they are also in a position to apply to the international universities of their choice.

The IB Diploma aims to train students to become capable of reflective, analytical and critical thinking, to have a positive and passionate attitude towards learning and to acquire knowledge and understanding that will be relevant and useful throughout their lives. Students who hold the International Baccalaureate Diploma are granted access to Spanish universities through an established recognition process and under the same conditions as students who obtain the National Baccalaureate.

Students who follow the IB courses develop a set of skills that are ideal for the pursuance of an international career. Our IB students are intellectually curious, highly reliable and responsible and demonstrate an openness towards and interest in other, cultures, languages, traditions and opinions. They are culturally aware, fluent in one or more foreign languages, capable of independent and critical thought and rigorous analysis, and have an exceptional aptitude for teamwork, cooperation leadership and social commitment. Our IB students communicate effectively with people from different cultures and countries, have a strong sense of respect and tolerance and are mature and responsible young people, fully prepared and excited by the prospect of taking their places in the wider international community.

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