Secondary Education

In order to help our pupils to integrate more easily into the Secondary Education phase, the academic year 6th Primary forms part of the Secondary Education family. This means that in their 6th year at Agora Madrid International School, pupils work on the specific content for that level, but this is taught by the Secondary Education teachers using the same work methodology and evaluation from Secondary, and requiring the same high standards.

The end of this phase involves transmitting to pupils the essential elements of culture, especially in humanistic, artistic, scientific and technological aspects; reinforcing the study and work habits which enable them to learn independently; favouring teamwork; training them to take on their responsibilities as responsible citizens and preparing them for their integration into later studies and the world of work.

There are a number of significant innovations at this stage, such as the consolidation of Oratory, Learning Strategies in Spanish and in English to boost our pupils’ social and communicative skills; the addition of German in 6th Primary as a second foreign language alternative to French; the presence of two different levels (high and medium) for English language learning, adapting to the needs of our pupils; technology and music taught by bilingual teaching staff to strengthen our commitment to English as a language of communication, and the formation of the school choir made up of Primary and Secondary pupils.

The Baccalaureate phase begins in 4th ESO, and in this academic year both tutors and the Guidance Department offer advice to pupils and families about their choice of subjects depending on their academic and professional abilities, aptitudes and views.


“English classes are relaxed and informal. Each session is different to the others since we use English in different areas and topics, which is very interesting and motivating. We don’t just learn the language, but  reflect on the issue we have been dealing with. Definitely one of my favourite subjects.”

Irene Caro

4th ESO Pupil

“We all want quality. We can all demand QUALITY. However, this great family offers something more, something we can’t put a price on, something we can’t demand, something essential for them to grow up as extraordinary people: WARMTH.”


Mother of pupils in 1st ESO and 5th Primary

“Our educational project joins our pupils’ education in values and consolidation of critical and reflexive thought with active participation in interdisciplinary projects through the use of new technologies as tools for work in an international environment which favours their personal and academic growth.”

Mª Isabel Viejo Navarro

Secondary Key Stage Coordinator

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