Summer Camp

Agora International School Madrid offers pupils and students from other schools a wide range of summer camps and services during the summer months: English, sports, arts and crafts, science, dance, themed camps… Fill in the form and get details of activities, timetables and ages to choose a camp to suit you!

Agora International School Madrid offers a wide variety of summer camps for pupils from the school and other centres, following a rigorous health protocol in accordance with current regulations.

School of Performing Arts Sing and Dance Project Víctor Ullate Roche

Through the Víctor Ullate Roche Sing and Dance Project Performing Arts School, we offer you the dance and performing arts education of Víctor Ullate Roche, director of the only private professional dance conservatory and higher school of dramatic arts. Dance, music, singing and acting in different camp options from the age of 9.

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Multi-activity Camp

Multi-activity camp for children aged 5 and over combining Art Attack, with art and craft workshops in English, Outdoor Sport, with cycling, skateboarding, hiking and other activities, English, a fun way to learn English through drama, debates and role play, and Steam, science, technology, engineering and maths.


Thematic Camp

Themed camp for students aged 5 and up with games and outdoor learning, communication development and English practice, gymkhanas, adventures, music and drama, storytelling and… much more! Each week, teachers will create a theme to motivate, engage and involve students while having fun.


Summer Camp for children from 1 to 4 years old

Welcome to the circus, super agents, scientists, mini chef or artistic expression. Different camps for weeks so that the little ones can enjoy a summer full of fun through games, sports, art, experiments, recipes…


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