Curricular Exchanges and Stays

Agora Madrid International School offers learning opportunities such as exchanges and international experiences to help our students improve their language skills and fluency. One of the many advantages of belonging to the Globeducate group is that our students are able to access a network of more than 30 top international schools worldwide.

Students can opt for either a short or longer term stay abroad. Boarding at a school overseas provides the ideal opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in the country’s language and culture and to form lasting international friendships. Everything is perfectly organised and supervised by designated tutors who are trained to ensure that your child will have the experience of a lifetime.

Studying abroad an extremely enriching experience; it is by far the single most effective way of achieving fluency in any given language, it makes other cultures and traditions more accessible, students make and maintain strong friendships and become more mature and independent. For many children it is the first time that they have stayed away from their families and we find that these experiences help them to view the world from a slightly different perspective.

The type of stay is dependent upon the age and maturity of the students. Students are initially invited to undertake short stays in a lovely, quiet coastal village in Wales. Students participate in new and exciting activities guided by experienced native instructor and also go on cultural outings so historic sites such as Conway Castle in Manchester. Students enjoy a well-organised, structured introduction to what it is like to be away home and staying in another country. It is a wonderful experience, students feel safe and well cared for and at the end of the trip, everybody wants to go again!!

As our pupils progress through the school they are given the opportunity to study abroad for a longer period of time at Stonar School in the South West of England. Stonar is a Globeducate school set in a 32-hectare private estate and was founded 120 years ago. Students from Agora Madrid International School can study there for one or two terms or for a full academic year and the experience is truly enriching.

Our international access programme also involves arranging exchanges with other schools in Paris and Frankfurt, depending on whether your child chooses to study French or German as their third language option. Students from France and Germany come to live with our students at their homes, attend classes at school and engage in a programme of cultural visits and activities organised by the school. Our students then pay a return visit to stay with the same student at their home in their country of residence. The experience is valuable and enriching another step on the path towards learning how to connect with the international community.

Support is provided in language and mathematics, which tend to be delivered in a slightly different ways in different countries, which prevents any problems with reintegration upon returning to study in Spain. Our number one priority is the wellbeing, safety and happiness of our students; their welfare is constantly monitored and lines of communication always open.


«Llevo dos años yendo a Gales (5º y 6º Primaria). Me gustó tanto que repetí. La dinámica era divertida y siempre teníamos el apoyo de dos profesores de nuestro colegio. Visitamos monumentos y ciudades que ampliaron nuestro conocimiento del mundo anglosajón.»


Alumna 1º ESO

«Una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido. Conocí a gente de Brasil, Portugal, Francia, Austria y China. Me abrió la mente el conocer culturas y costumbres diferentes y me enseñó que al mismo tiempo tenemos mucho en común. Aprendí a convivir, lo que me obligaba a hablar y mejorar mi inglés, a lo que no estaba acostumbrada. Por todo esto y todos los amigos que conseguí, haber ido a Stonar es algo que nunca olvidaré.»


Alumna 4º ESO

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